Weather System not Working

Hi there
I’ve used weather script and I put my town in (Reading) and it doesn’t work

Here is a picture of output.

(Datastore is other script)

Pls help

Have you installed it correctly, try re-installing it?

There is no reason why the script would have sent 71 requests, that’s crazy.

I did reinstall it same thing.

I think 75 could be my end but ye

Can you try installing this on a baseplate and see what happens?

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I did and same thing

Can you send me a screenshot of your baseplate?

Sorry, should have worded that better: Can you send me a screenshot of your baseplate explorer?

Wdym baseplate explorer??

The explorer is a tab that’s often found on the right where you can view where everything is.



It’s just a baseplate and camera and stuff.

Sorry idk how to screenshot

Snip & Sketch on windows 10.

Do you have this board?


Yes I do and it shows the text but without the data (temp, stuff)

I don’t have windows 10 I have 11

It’s still called snip & sketch.

Show me the script please.

It’s the same script as the normal one??

What do you mean by that.