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Hello, Cookie Tech.

I am here to ask about how can I make a website like

I own a Ro-Avi based community and @Deleted_User12 suggested instead of loads of document links maybe make a website like Ryanair’s for it.

Does anyone know how to make one like it?

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I believe the creators of this website used advanced UI designing softwares, such as Adobe XD, and then imported it onto the website.

I think they used something like wix to design this:

A digger deep and voila.

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You could always watch some videos on YouTube for how to make your own website, but by doing this, you will have to pay for a custom domain. If you don’t want to pay for a domain I suggest using a free website builder, there are loads out there you can use!

They don’t let you chose custom domains, for example a website built with Weeblt will always have the word “weebly” somewhere in the URL, correct me if I’m wrong.

With one website, I think its (not advertising), I think they had paid for a custom domain.
Correct me if I’m wrong!

Well, at the bottom of the website, It says made with Wordpress so they used a website designer like Wix! So you could use Wordpress to make a website like this.

All domains are payed for including this one. :slight_smile:

I can’t find any tracers of website builders inside of the html.

If you pay I’m sure you will be able to customize the domain & endpoints, I’m not sure if everyones up for that though.

If you’re willing to go for a subdomain, I’ll link one below, here’s an example:

Well it may seem suspicious, it’s free.

Also, this site you linked is stunning, almost a replica. Someone should do this for Air Canada, they have a beautiful site as well.

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It needs quite a few too many requirements. Also would you want to take this risk? Your taking the safer route of purchasing your own domain, especially considering the fact that the domain may close down or something, or something else could happen.

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That’s true. It’s a lot of permissions to grant, accessing your email, risky. But, it’s a free alternative, so if you don’t know what you’re getting into, don’t proceed.

It looks like they used wix:
My Account Info page:

robloxryanair Account info Page:


It’s not the email which is risky, it’s the fact they can manage your servers, access your third party connections & know what servers you’re in.

Looks like it’s not super safe:

Not to mention the “Manage 3rd party connections”.

I don’t have a discord account so I was unable to see, I’m going to remove the link.

Goes for @Boo’s response too.

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Virustotal says it safe however.

We need to remember these platforms aren’t always perfect, Virtus total does not check the discord oauth2 requirements & detects that RX.Group needs way too many non-needed access.

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