What are you doing this summer? 🏖 -2022

Hello Cookie Tech! :cookie:

I hope you all are having a great summer so far, if it’s started for you yet! So, my question is:

What are you doing this summer?

This summer I’m actually not doing much, but I’m going to be riding my favourite ride at the fair, for sure! I’ll link a video of it here (Sorry, it’s the only one I could find online with the correct branding)!

I’ll definitely be watching some TV over the summer, it’s been really miserable weather, I believe it’s 13 Degrees Celsius right now. Speaking of, anyone watched stranger things?

Have a great summer everyone!

I’m sure I’ll see you lots over the summer though! :heart:

Bye for now,

Hiya, let’s keep this on topic, so let’s talk about tech & development.

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For me, I’m on holiday right now! Don’t know what after that probably making my game.

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It’s good to have a balanced work life.

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Ah, okay, sorry, I noticed @HayHay had made a topic similar (not the same topic - just where would you live) in this category and I assumed that that’s where I should put it.

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Sounds fun! What’s your game?

Sunset Lodge, I keep forgetting to develop on it lol.

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Working on my secret project with @cam, we hope to unveil it soon!

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hii! i want to ask, hows your summer?? im personally on vaca rn! have a nice summer!!

I’m having a good time, I’ve done lots of swimming and working on our secret project still.


ty for merging it, also, good! i hope everyone is having a good one

im actually on my phone replying

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Really am enjoying my summer, chilling with friends, going to the pool, and trying a lot of new things.

I don’t want to show too much, but I am at the pool.