What are you working on: 2022

Wow, everyone!

2021 has been a fantastic year that was very eventful.

As well as being very much eventful in real life, the Roblox development communities have been hard at work making and creating new games for the Roblox Community!

I know I have been working on many projects myself, a lot of them are now complete & it’s a satisfying feeling completing a commission for a client.

Of course, I have a project which will be coming with me after 2021, we can’t forget Cookie Tech is, after all, a game studio, so we’re working on a game, called “Antarctica Story”, we hope you are looking forwards for this!

And I have many tutorials on the Cookie Tech Youtube and other places that will be coming very soon!

So, enough chitter-chatter, let’s move the main topic at hand.

Enough about me, but about you, the amazing community we have.

What are YOU working on this year!

Feel free to leave images and replies of what you’re doing this year, I’m curious!

I might share a few things too!

Best regards & Happy Developing.

Cheers to a new year :champagne:


Ofc I’m working on new tutorials and my new game.

I’m also making a free check in system for those that need it!

Ever since I joined the breathtaking platform of Roblox, I could never stop improving my skills in UI, GFX and building skills.

So far, I have made a variety of user interfaces (UI), which is currently my main Roblox development strengh. I have also created a beautiful, modernized store, and replicated buildings from the real world and continue to do so to this very day.

When I reflect back, I recongnize that developing on the Roblox platform is actually giving me the passion to surpass beyond my skills.

I am now looking into VFX graphics, modelling, animating and advanced scripting, hopefully this year I will achieve my goals and move on to even more things!

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I’m also aware of the game your making, NE ER.

I hope that goes well with you and is a good learning experieince!

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Thank you for the kind words! :heart:

Ahha, let’s just say I’m working on selling this stuff year and making money, because words of @Noah “Money is money”.

But I’ll be working on some Cafe’s and Hotel’s, hopefully these go well so they sell.

Are you trying to make money as game passes?

I make money as and where I can and need to tbh, selling assets to being me and selling useless junk I no longer need

I’ve been working on the cookie tech discord bot!

Kind of tricky but I’ve made good progress!

Okay, so I have been working on a game that I would be glad for one of you guys to review!
Link: Bahamas International - Roblox

Alright, a few issues:

  • Too many free models

  • 2 music tracks running at the same time.

  • Too many free models

  • Requires there to be staff interaction for the game to be playable.

  • Game is a bit messy.

  • Issues like this.

  • Not everything works.

  • Quite buggy.

  • No staff lock.

  • General low quality feel to it.

I like:

  • The concepts

  • The small interactions

I feel if you have protentional, however, you need to use less free-models and add more content into your game.

I got to the plane, might wanna fix that.

Ah. Thank you! Will fix.

It is currently a Work In progress, so thank you!

Well to think we are some what of a month into 2022, I have recently started a Prison project on Roblox as Stateview Prison sparked some interest into me so I thought I would give it a go!


Cool! :pineapple:

What are you planning on adding?

Well, like many prisons do, there are a lot of things, but I think the best way before starting any project is to sketch out the project first and then map from there.

However, I have begun to create some user interface, which can be found here.

I’ve been working on a secret project with @Noah :wink:

Since we’re here… I’ll give you guys a leak.
Not very helpful… but we’ll get there. Enjoy - for those of you who see this.

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I’ve never been so proud that my upcoming roleplay development team is getting together very well … we’re making extreme progress, with base cars already able to be scripted and new buildings on the way, along with a new map! :world_map:

Although scripting is now the hardest task in the way, I’m confident this barrier will no longer exist with the right time, effort, and support. :+1:

This is a bit old, but I’ve made a hotel, I’d love some feedback!