What Cookie Tech Should Add

Hello Cookie Tech!

So this post is dedicated to what the company should add on the forums, and within the discord server.

So, here are my ideas:

We should do a massive revamp on the discord server, it could be more nicer, and more of a cleaner design. You should redo all the roles/role colours so they are nice, new colours, but you should also add some new staff roles in the server.

You should allow moderators to host events every week, either for an Event Winner Role, or for some prizes like Nitro or some Robux provided by them. This could make the community more active, and so many people are participating in things that are hosted within the company. This could be one way to keep everything active.

Make all edits private on the forums. This is a major thing that needs to be done. I feel this should only be moderators that can see that, because community members can see what the first post would have been due to the edits being public. This can seem to be a little security risk, but it helps people with posts they want to edit loads of times like their portfolio.

Now I’m going to hand it over to you all, to edit this post and add your ideas under this.

This is where you can put your ideas:

The Roblox Terms explicitly states that you cannot do giveaways of any robux; only in-game items [Source]

If the user placed something threatening or broke the guidelines; then a community member could report it to a moderator.

Not every moderator will check every post because come on, that’s just a waste of time. If that happens then people who put posts that break the rules and then edit it will get away with it.

But what if you want your previous edit private, or what of you want all the edits of your topic private? The edits shouldn’t be public to anyone other than the staff team for security.

Was there a rule to say you can’t do giveaways or giveaway Robux on Discord? No, so it wouldn’t be breaking the ToS, as they would be winning something their earned fairly. So, if this is the case, what about all the developers that get paid in Robux, that’s giving away Robux.

There are many loopholes to many rules.

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In response to this, I think it’s a good idea to keep iteration logs public, you can notice changes especially if somebody changes an update.

Regarding the security concern - We can’t do much about that. You can always delete a post.

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Regarding this; hosting events every week would be very stressful for the moderation team.

If you’re thinking of activity competitions on ocassion every few weeks, it’s going to be putting a lot of stress on those who are participating and/or trying to get the 1st place spot, which usually includes me.

So, let’s say I hear that you’re hosting an activity competition every 2 weeks, and each competition lasts 1 week. If this were the case, and I was competing for 1st place, this would really affect me, and others, as many participants need to focus on things such as schoolwork and not only competition/events on Cookie Tech. It could lead a long way, and believe me you wouldn’t want to affect the daily lives of community members by adding more stress each week and potentially changing how they interact with anything online.

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