What could be improved in Minecraft?

Hey everyone!

As you probably know, I’m a Minecraft player who has a deep interest within the game of Minecraft, alongside Roblox.

Over the years, I’ve found several things that could be improved by Mojang, even if it’s just the leaf texture.

I decided to create this topic and ask you, what does Minecraft need to update? For example, the Minecraft end dimension is really outdated and I believe it needs some revamps soon.

Hopefully you find this an interesting discussion! :heart:


Ah, but here’s the issue with that;

  • Minecraft won’t add sharks to the game, since they don’t want to encourage players to interfere with sharks in real life.
  • Mojang does release some free packages every once in a while, and the marketplace is also a source of revenue for them.

Sharks should be included, I could go round riding on them and go biting people’s legs with them. More entertainment within the game.

Yeah, it really makes the oceans a bit empty, only mods add those … as I did say earlier Mojang Studios will not be adding sharks to the game at all, I believe they have this listed as well somewhere on their website.