What department of development are you most experienced in?

Hi Cookie Tech!

So I have a very odd question for you, what department of development do you do on Roblox and why?
What made you start in that field and will you stay in that field?

I am most experienced in building, and I intent do stay in that field of development, but I enjoy trying other things on the platform like UI Design!

I look forward to hearing back from you all!


I always loved UI designing, and I must say I’m advancing pretty well! Same goes with game designing and GFX making.

Scripting. I’ve been working on multiple projects, like GuiService (GitHub page) and another project which I don’t want to share publicly.

I pretty much do everything. : /

I’ve tried pretty much everything, from clothing design to remote scripting, I would call myself an all round developer, but who knows?

I did GFX, but I have recently started clothing. I am also trying to learn the basics of scripting and UI design.

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