What has roblox done - New 2022 TOS Update?

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Roblox recently made a ToS update which has set of a big panic within the Roblox community.

Lots of people are suggesting certain things & we all don’t have a clear review on it, so please don’t get to frantic about it, as it may just be a small miss-communication error.

Around 17hrs ago (at the time of posting this topic) RTC made a post that read out like this.


The RTC account was suggesting that roblox was essentially earning more in this case.

On the tweet photos were attached:


When reading this it seems that when a creator sells a virtual item in the Roblox Avatar shop the creator receives 30% of the Robux Generated from the sale.

This means roblox would be earning 70% instead of 30%.

This obviously caused massive issues as people are already concerned that they are not getting payed enough from roblox.

This ToS is supposed to be pushed by the 10th February 2022.

And people we’re clearly getting upset that they were starting to make less & less money.


Thanks to KonekoKitten we may now have surfaced an answer on what is actually happening.

Well-known and experienced clothing individuals within the community have stated that this may be a miss-communication or error on Roblox’s End.

An experienced clothing designer made this tweet:

Hopefully this is the case and it’s just a miss-communication & Roblox will not push this ToS, if they do, this may be a detrimental to the clothing community and will most likely mark the end of some big Clothing Businesses.

We got to remember that some clothing businesses purchase clothing designers to work for them, the business must start making more money then they do to pay there creators, so having this major loss of income will definitely cause issues.

KonekoKitten has added the fact that roblox could be talking about UGC & have just made a communication error; this is as UGC creators already get only 30% income on there UGC products.

Maybe roblox was talking about layered clothing & they have just stated this incorrectly.

Once again, I do not want this to happen at ALL.

If Roblox pushes this update there will be chaos for weeks.

Roblox has suggested this:

But we can’t confirm, however it seems promising.

Once again hopefully this does not become reality,

I would love to hear you opinions on this subject,

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Oh my, not a second TOS change

This is really bad. The last TOS change in late 2021 was bad enough, but this? I am not happy at the slightest with this new TOS change. Roblox must think twice already and realize how much damage this would mean for new developers and the entire platoform. This could make Roblox’s future worse as creators won’t be as motivated if this happens. Personally, I will not stop using Roblox anytime soon, but Roblox is getting a bit too edgy on revenue and this will certainly have a large impact.

Anybody else recieved this message?

It’s a bit concerning how they say. “We’ve made our language career and made our terms consistent throughout”.

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No … this cannot be happening. I got the same message.

dude… we are only getting 30% of the robux now!!! is it the same for gamepasses?

Thankfully, it’s been confirmed that this is only for 3D layered clothing.

It hasn’t been confirmed by roblox, has it?

Ah yes, the ToS has been updated: