What is the richest company?

Hey everyone!

Most of you may be puzzled which is the richest company between Apple and Microsoft.

Both of them are pretty rich companies, however, Apple is offically the world’s richest company at the moment, with a value of about 3 trillion!

3 trillion!?!? I thought Microsoft would be richer, who knows, they could be one day.

Yes, lol. Partially the reason why I convinced my parents to invest into Apple (NYSE:AAPL) stocks, and it payed off well :+1:

I have never invested into real companies, I do intent to but I feel a bit scared because my money could be blown and I wouldn’t get that back. I do find it very risky because loads of things could go wrong.

Same feeling here, but what I would recommend to do is invest a little portion into the stocks, just to be on the safe side. Many say stocks will come back up (in the U.S.), though that’s not always the case.