What is this strange feature in Studio?

Hey! I’ve found a really strange feature under the “Advanced” tab in Studio called VoiceChatService. I’ve checked the ROBLOX DevHub and there is no information about it, same with the DevForum. Any idea what this feature does or how to use it?

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Can we have some screenshots?

Note: Everyone should have this, these advanced features are to be used by people to experiment with the VoiceChatService. The VoiceChatService is a regular service just like Marketplace Service and others.

Since it’s still in advanced there wont be any documentation and little will actually be known about the service, it’s most likely roblox still experimenting. :man_scientist:

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I see this as well. It says for me like Roblox VoiceChatService is a warning!

The warning as it is not pushed, this is all just for roblox testing.

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Here’s a screenshot of it:

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I think it is a beta testing- I don’t think it is a bug.