What is your favorite book of all time

Ok, so @cam asked what your favorite book series was, but now I’m going to ask you this. What was your favorite book. (It can be one you read as a child or one you haven’t even finished yet) And why

My Favorite Book

My favorite book is NFA or “No Fixed Address”

Now. The reason I like this book is because it talks about poverty. How people as young as 13 can go through and face this challenge head on. And it also spreads awareness about it in a realistic setting and environment (Vancouver Canada). I like this book because it reminds us while we might be living in a tiny apartment in a not so nice neighborhood or even in a big house. There are people around us who might not be able to ever even feel warm air for a few seconds because they cant afford even a small heater. This book reminds me to be grateful for what I have while being an enjoying story to read. I 100% recommend you check it out and purchase the book, or take it home from your local library