What is your most popular/active game?

Hello everyone! What is your most popular ROBLOX game? Mine is an old game, which is FULL of free models and it sometimes had 2-5 players, a few thousand visits, and the game is about free btools and free admin…

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my most popular was a game for my group, its just the main cafe


Mine is Coral Coast Hotels.

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Usually 1 Active Player.

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mine is my cafe!!


typically 5 players sometimes.

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wait wait wait, ARE YOU SVEN? if so, did you used to work for sunrise hotels?

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IM ANDYCOLEPLAYS, ive met you in the game sunrise hotels!! so i saw u before i came to these forums!!

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Yes I am sven, I got scammed by gamer.

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What did he do?? (Message me)

I’ll DM u

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@HayHay i sent the DM

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Wait… I’m friends with him… He’s a partner with my group.

How did he Scam you?

I’ll send u a DM explaining it

@Boo i sent the DM

Let’s try to keep this on topic, please.

My most popular game — that has been created under my account — is an old obby I haven’t maintained in a while and is currently being remade, called the “Obby of Realms”

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Nice, how many visits has it got?

Not me waiting for cookie to reply on a random topic I clicked

I used to have a hotel, until bad things happened. We originally had 2k members, after the closure we’ve went down to 1.8k members.

The main hotel got 20.4K+ visits, the training centre got 2k visits.

Here are some screenshots


You can play the game here, however it’s very buggy and has a few issues.

I had some great scripting & building achievements on there, such as building my own working blimp, it was very fun at the the time.

Is that happy hotels and resorts?

Surprisingly, I haven’t advertised the game, and it recieved 345 visits …

Screenshot 2022-07-11 10.32.40 AM