What makes a video interesting?

I’ve been working on a YouTube channel and I would like to hear how you engage people in your videos.

What makes an video interesting for you and why?

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Hmm… good question! Personally I enjoy your tutorials with ranking stuff. I would enjoy more tutorials and I think it would help the channel grow

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I think a plot twist and funny things is what would interest me most.

Hmm, but we are a tutorial channel.

Ah. Well then perhaps a lot of scripting tutorials.

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I think for a good video/channel, you could try uploading reviews on cafes/hotels, or even speed building a commission or something like. It’s just depending on the community you have.

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I think some step-by-step scripting and building tutorials would be nice for the channel.

True, but that’s our main focus at the moment, anything out of the box?

When talking about Roblox YouTube Developing Channels, I like the most videos like “Reproducing this system from this game.” I generally like this reproducing idea the most when it comes to scripting or building tutorials since I inspire a lot from other games. ^^

It’s probably also a good idea when making tutorials to properly explain code, etc.

I watch now much roblox build hacks and how to become an better developer