What’s the best up and come on game, and why?

Roblox, has many good games, however, is often very difficult to find these games.

This is why today I am personally asking you to share these games with us. Feel free to give a link to the game and why are you may think is the best up & coming Roblox game.

I like to make everyone’s brains hurt after reading my text of how long it is.


I honestly just love roblox bedwars.
The joy of trying to be the last one alive out of 8 (approximately) players.

When you join into your game, bedwars isn’t the most friendly towards newer users, so it can be quite hard to navigate your way around.

To join into a match, click on the green play button and click on the type of gamemode that brings interest to your mind.

Once you are in, you will be placed in a box looking thing in the sky. You will need to wait approximately 30 seconds before spawning to your base.

When you are there, there is a little iron part where you have to go inside of it to collect the main recourse in the game, iron.

After you have collected enough “iron” to your likings, go to a man who is called Davey. Once you approach him, you need to be atleast 3 studs in front of him to open the shop. A proximity prompt will pop up and tell you to click “F” on your keyboard, Tap for mobile.

You will see a lot of things there, but the main one you will need is wool which costs 8 iron. My reccomendation is to get 16 iron and spend it on wool and go broke. :slight_smile:

Now, when you leave the shop and go to the front of your base, you will see a bed. Try to cover it with your wool. Why? I will explain in the next one


You start the game with a bed,
If you have a bed, you will respawn.
If you don’t have a bed and you die, you are bye bye, it’s game over.
So the main point is to break everyone’s beds and be the last man (or woman) standing.


It can be very addicting in my opinion.
It’s hard to get bored from the game

It can be very pay to win sometimes.
Not that forgiving to new players


I love YouTube.
Even though this isn’t related to anything, I love YouTube.

It’s really nice to just make little skit videos for people to enjoy, and I would post a link, but my content is much more for the “mature” side of YouTube, if you know what I mean.


You literally cannot get bored.

Some people can bypass the content and can show “NSFW” content.


Does your brain hurt, @cookie ?

Anyways, thanks for reading this hell of a paragraph.

Bye bye :smiley:

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Agreed, personally I prefer long content form on YouTube but yes, roblox bedwars is a good game but I wouldn’t necessarily call it up & coming. Thanks for sharing though! - It was certainly mind boggling :brain: