What would you do with 100k robux?


Imagine you’ve earnt 100k robux (wether it be a commission, compensation for a failed game or an investment that’s payed off) you now have just over 100k Robux in your account. Everyone knows most people would have quick ideas as to what to do with it all but you are always careful with where your Robux goes.

My question to all of you is what would you do with it all? Save some of it? Invest it all? fund another game? something else? or all the above? any reason doing it now rather than later (or vise versa)? I’m curious! Reply and tell me!

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I have no idea, if I’m being honest.


Maybe any limiteds? Or any games you’ll spend it on?

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I would likely save it until I find something I absolutely want, but I’d try to invest it and also try to make something successful so that I can keep a good flow of robux.

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