What's the best way to keep your workspace tidy in studio?

Hi, so I have some issues keeping my workspace tidy in studio, and I’d like to know the best way to keep it tidy.

For my workspace, nothing is named, and nothing is easy to find so I just have to click random part hoping I have the right one.
I have heard that using folders keeps the workspace tidy and that it is easy to find things, so if it is, should I do that?

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Yes, folders and grouping reasonable parts is a good way of organizing your workspace. You can also name folder or grouped models to something specific which you will remember. For example, if I had a bunch of parts for a single house build, I would group them in a model called “House” and then put that in a folder called “Builds.”

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You could ‘Union’ things together or like you and @RealOH20 said, just put it in a folder.

Agreed, a good workspace makes it much more easier to manage, to do fixes and to make your scripts link up to it. :+1:

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Agreed, if you had scripts and parts everywhere you wouldn’t be able to find things.