When should you close your Roblox Group?

There are over 17 million groups on Roblox, each one fighting and trying to become the top in an extremely competitive marketplace and I feel too many people are trying to prolong the lives of their dead groups.

Most users on the cookie tech forums actively have a Roblox group or have had a Roblox group and as a previous Roblox group owner I can tell you don’t try to prolong the life of your group.

Remember this? This user to be my group with 2K members, tragically I lost it in 2021 September due to an incident and manged to get it back shortly in October, but I can tell you if this didn’t happen I would be in a completely different situation.

Right now RankGun has actively managed 2 million members, the Cookie Tech YouTube channel has 1.04K Subscribers and right now I’m doing better then I’ve ever done before, but this would never have happened if I didn’t have this group taken from me.

Over these two months I started Cookie Tech and I really learnt to me how taxing it is trying to run a group that was practically dead. The group had been dead for 7 months before and I was still trying to keep it alive.

Only after the 2 months I realised how useless it was trying to prolong the life of a dead group & this is why I want to share some personal advice with you. If you’ve been running a group for more then 8 months and you’re not getting shifts with more then 10 people it may be time to cut it. :scissors:

I’m not saying you should give up, however, you may find you enjoy other things and you may become more productive and useful.

This is why I think people should stop trying to hold together dead groups, what are your opinions on when a group should be cut off & do you think you may want to do this to one of your groups?