Whenever I use the cuffs, it wont let me move

Hello! Whenever I use the cuffs that you made in a video, I cannot move with them AT ALL! They wont let me move, or even cuff the dummy. Do you know how to fix this?


Hiya @Levi_Games! Welcome to the forums, are you cuffing a player or a humanoid?

Humanoid is what im using right now!

I think that’s your problem, make sure the humanoid is not anchored, then give it a go.

Alright! I’ll test that, thank you!


Hello! I have tried using the humanoid unanchored, however it still wont work. Here is what I am getting. Test - YouTube

Hm, I’m not very experienced at these things, but I’ve think I may have found a solution for you! :relaxed:

Try adding a Humanoid when play-testing, as opposed to having a HumanoidRootPart.

If this was the fix, make sure to check “Mark as solution”! And, welcome to the forums! :blush:

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Have you anchored the model & then un-anchored it?

Mhm! I’ll retry it again though, as I may of made a mistake.

That was the solution! Thank you so much. The cuffs will be great for my game.

Hello! I was trying out my cuffs today, suddenly they wouldn’t work. Do you know why this is?

Are you trying them on real users?

If you are using them on real users or dummies, check the logs, make sure again that your dummy in un-anchored.

Real users this time!

Strange, take a look in the output.

Alright, I’ll have a look and let you know.

The output says the following : ServerScriptService.ArrestMechanics:6: Incomplete statement: expected assignment or a function call -

Show me the ArrestMechanics script, is it a part of the cuffs?

Please don’t send screenshots, use code tags instead!


I also never knew that, since no one told me, I’m sorry. But it’s still the script.