Where did you get Your Group Name?

Just for Fun, I’m wondering where did you get your Group Name? I’ve noticed some of your guys have very creative ones!


My name, but cool.

I found Sunset Lodge when I was playing with one of my online friends and I said “I think I want to make a cafe!” and then after some discussion she suggested a hotel and came up with the name Sunset Lodge!


Interesting question, actually.

I got the name of my first group I ever created on Roblox, known as InfiniteX Studios, just through some random thoughts. I wanted something cool such as “Lightning Studios” or “Titanium Games,” but those were already taken and/or my names were too similar. I had this random thought of “InfiniteX,” and I decided to go for it.

I still struggle for a permanent logo, however … there’s not much that can go with “InfiniteX” other than an infinity symbol or some origami animal icon.


I am VERY interested in astrology. So… Astronaut Cafe was perfect for me.

I got my group name from walking in the forest and seeing a tree with moss on it.

Hence the name; Moss Bakery.

I found AndiDevelopments from my family, since my last name is Anderson. Some people call me Andi. So that’s how.