Where do you currently stand in games?

Hey CT Community!

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a while since I’ve found myself playing a Roblox game that I really enjoy. I wanted to ask you guys, what games have you been playing this past week? Any suggestions for me to try out.

I also wanted to ask you guys what your favorite genre of games currently is
So let me know. Maybe I’ll try something new!

What is your favorite genre of Roblox games
  • Adventure
  • First Person Shooters
  • Showcase/Exploration
  • Simulators/Tycoons
  • Vibe/Voicechat Games
  • Roleplay Games (Ex. Cafe/Hotel/Town Police)

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Mine is honestly a mix between adventure and roleplay games, however my vote leans closer towards roleplay.

Gee, this is a hard one, for somebody that spends a lot of time in studio this is actually quite hard to decide on.

I too also spend my time in studio, but when I’m not, I will tend to go and engage with the community and see how everything is changing. I think personally FPS is having a massive hit again. I hope one of the first biggest hotels opens soon and that boosts the hotel industry again.

This is vary hard to chose