Where is RobloxRankingSystem in github?

So the vid about demote and promote command are kinda confuse me at the part where cookie go into github/RobloxRankingSystem what do I do i cant find the link or idk how to get it

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This is all in on series, I will suggest something to cookie to make this easier for everyone else so they know where to locate everything!

Does it in the rank management vid?

Yes, I think @Deleted_User12 got the wrong-end of the stick.

I think @VERSE is asking where the link to github is.

I will consider making the Ranking Tutorials into a playlist, but I don’t know if that will affect any algorithms.

If you follow the video carefully everything should be working just fine.

Make a new topic if you need more help!

If this worked, mark it as solution! :slight_smile:

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