Where should I host my website?

Hey, everyone. I am currently upgrading my website, but don’t know where to host it?

I am currently using W3schools, but their service are great - just very limited.

You can only have 500 requests a month, which for a project of my scale will be quite limiting.

Do you know any services that offer more flexibility? Please let me know, as they would really help!

(Preferably, I would like them to be free. Thanks!)

This should do the trick.

Yeah, just had a look at it.

Does it have the ability to build the website indie of it, or will it need uploading.

Dumb question as it is probably in plain site. Just cant find where I can edit code as well?

Hey there! I’ve actually been following a website design lecture last year and, in one of the last few episodes, the instructor suggested a reliable hosting site called “Netlify,” which can be found here. I used it to deploy my first website and it’s been running smoothly ever since.

They have a free plan and I’ve been using their service for a while, so I’d recommend Netlify … Vercel is also another option, as @Noah pointed out.

I believe most website hosting sites require one to either link a GitHub repository or upload the folder with the website content … as far as I know there’s no website builder within a website hosting software.

W3schools is one, and the reason I use that as it is all in one.

It looks good, but you have a time-limit for building your website? I don’t see how the marketing on that is good.

Okay, once again I feel like you are really struggling to understand what you’re working on. These things require quite a technical knowledge and it’s going to be a little more complicated then it appears.

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I’m not struggling, I’m just used to using W3schools and their features so I’m just curious.

I know it’s harder that it seems, I learnt that when I started coding.

But, thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Typically, in professional web development scenarios the code is pushed from your computer to a git server such as GitHub (you can even edit your code on GitHub) and then synced to your deployment platform (such as Vercel or Netlify which Noah and OH20 mentioned above). It’s pretty simple and you can get basic HTML+CSS stuff deployed in seconds and ready to handle traffic from tens of thousands of people for completely free.


:wave: Welcome to the community!

Thanks for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

Cloudflare Pages is a great option.

Note that you need a preexisting git in order to connect to Pages, automated deployments are included.

Personally, as Noah said, Vercel is great, almost all of my websites are on there and they’ve been working great. If you want something else, you could try Netlify as @OH20_rbLX suggested. I’ve found that Netlify offers a little less than Vercel, but it’s still great for hosting.

Also, something I’ve recently learned is that using localhost is really easy to use, and all you need is a single plugin in VS Code and whenever you make a change, it’ll be updated in a few seconds instead of waiting a minute or so.

*Correction: You can upload HTML/CSS/JS files directly.

I recommend Cloudflare Pages over the other providers due to their unlimited bandwidth and large global network (“Cloudflare Edge”).

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