Which OS do you like?

As the title says, what operating systems do you like? You can choose multiple if you want!

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Ubuntu
  • macOS
  • ChromeOS

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Would love to hear your choices!


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ios or windows go lol

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I like iOS because I use it and same for windows

Ubuntu for was instanced forevverrr

macOS. And I honestly dislike the fact that I can’t play games but since I use it for productivity, it is the best! <3

Windows for PC, IOS for Mobile.

I agree, Windows is so much better for PC, IOS so much better then android for mobile.


I am a fan of iOS, macOS and Windows. I’ve used all 3 if these in the past and currently using them as they are easy to operate for what I do!

Personally, I love Windows, macOS and iOS. The main reason is because the response time and UI is so organized and modern, I just love it. I’ve never really been a big fan of Android.

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I agree, android is always the same and more likely to be square.

Android isn’t the finest operating system; I had one for two years, but I’ve gone back to IOS for the last three months, using the iPhone 12, and I’ve seen a significant improvement in performance, UI, and speed.

My Android phone was quick at first, but with time it became slow and lagged a lot; now that I’m back on IOS, the performance is incredible, and I’ve had no problems so far!


I agree. My favourite are IOS for mobile device, but for PC, Windows only

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