Who is your favourite Developer?


So, I wanted to know your favourite roblox developer, and why do you like them?

I ask this because I am curious to know who you lot looks up to.

My favourite developer(s) have to be Yacti, samiovia, and Simon_Dev!

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My favorite dev? Hmmm. I don’t really have one, to be honest. I mean, I like all devs. Lol!

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I don’t really have a favorite dev, but rather multiple devs which do a good job.

my favorite developer of all time is muneebparwaz_mp

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Me, obviously:upside_down_face:


My favorite devs are probably newfissy, WaveScripts and callmehbob.

Very talented, I don’t like playing Adopt Me, but the game is very well developed, everything is the game is very logical and well developed, the datastores are managed to the best standards.

The team also works well with datastores, its very rare to get data corruption in Adopt Me compared to other games.

Cookie is my favorite developer

My favorite dev is Asimo

… including myself, why wouldn’t I include myself :wink:

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The MadCity team is pretty good, I’m trying not to be biased here, what do other people think?

Now I have a favorite developer (kinda), that would probably be the ER:LC development team. It inspired me to create my roleplay game.

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My favourite is Its_Groovy

My favorite developer has to be @Noah, but I also like RoBuilder.

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@cam my friend knows Wave so I got to meet him. :smiley:

Nice, they’re very talented too.


The BedWars developers are very good too.

I would say they’re great at low-poly designs, such as the kit designs, but they lack ensuring a good gameplay experience.

Especially with the anti-hack, I’ve heard about people who have been complaining about this for ages, it always seems that every your server you join is filled with hackers.

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