Why did Roblox disable trading?

Okay, so by the time you’re seeing this post, this issue has been resolved.

So earlier on Roblox, decided to set everybody’s default trading settings to can trade with no one that some people speculate that this may be an intentional test that will boost the price in order to test the new collectible feature.

Some people think this was just a glitch, but we’re not quite sure yet. :thinking:

All started when this tweet was created

Luckily, that she was resolved in an hour.

Some people do you think this is intentional, others disagree do you think Roblox did this on purpose feel free to share down below!


I think there are beammers that steal from account limted things…

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idc about trading it just seems so weird that trading is for only premium members it just seems unfair.

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Hmm… I am a premium member and have never really found trading that worth it.