Why do you think my game is failing?

Hey Everyone :wave:

Recently, my game, Coastal Creamery, hasn’t been doing its best, and I’m wondering why. Therefore, I came here to ask why you think it’s failing. What do you think could be fixed or improved?

Trainees can work, so if you’re looking to test the systems, you can apply here, it shouldn’t take more than a minute or so!

Here is the game:

Thanks for helping me out,

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Things that i noticed was

  1. The map is way too small | i think that it oculd def be bigger i see it getting very packed as it grows
  2. No resturant | i think a really good idea would be to have a reasturant istead of just having it all outside
  3. lack of features | this game doesnt have much to do even frappe may have some games on the side
  4. money :money_mouth_face: | i recomend having some sort of currency system in the game now with this i would recomend having some sort of games to wager your money on i will message you after this with more information on this
  5. Overall activity | Now i understand your having issues with activity for this i would recoment hosting Shifts and having your staff host them too ex a higher raking staff member would hold a shift and all the staff would show up for a chance to get promoted and the person hosting the shift would get the oprotunity
    (i am in no way saying your ui is bad im just saying that it would use a little help making it more modern because we all know any role playing game is all about modern!)

I think it’s good game, but there are a few reasons why this could be failing. The main one being an active community.

Here a few ways to engross your community.

  • do some sort of robux/ nitro giveaway for the person that invites the most pepole to the server.

  • do themed updates and special events (eg. summer, fall, Easter, Xmas)

  • run advertisements

And there are so much more, just put your mind to it and you can achieve anything.

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Oh and, mabey host promotion shifts? Or add a points promotion system.

There is nobody to play or work with, how can I play a game which requires other people where I’m just on my own?

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What would you suggest to get it active?

A few things from my perspective:

  1. I’m not even a roleplay-style or cafe game fan in the firstplace other than TROLLING in them :sweat:
  2. There’s no niche to your game from what I see. Why should I pick your game over groups like Boba?
  3. You should consider running sponsored advertisements and hiring investors who’re interested, they’ll take a small percentage of your game earnings and they’ll give you funds to advertise with. Don’t expect your game to already skyrocket without any advertisements or a previously active community.
  4. Partnering with other groups may perhaps help. It’s one of the ways a lot of active Roblox groups like that got their name.
  5. Your game graphics and thumbnails aren’t that appealing. You should definitely consider hiring a professional GFX designer but again don’t make it look like every other roblox cafe group.
  6. The algorithm for games like yours works like this: in order to attract staff and trainees, you need to get tons of regular customers first. Then, the staff will start attending more sessions. You also can’t just have customers blatantly without any staff. This is one of those games where the “multiplayer” social interaction feature is high yield.

lmk if you need more advice