Why is roblox asking me for my contacts?

It’s always great to hear a useful update coming from Roblox.

I understand how this new update could be a concern for parents, having random contacts being imported into friend recommendations.

But thanks to the new roblox update, there is nothing about this that should be concerning.

This is what the new update brings:

This is a new friends recommendation tab that gives recommendations, incase you’ve played with that person or if you have mutual friends, this is commonly used on platforms, such as Nintendo & Snapchat.

For this to work you need to give roblox permissions to view your contacts, because they can’t just do that it requires an extra layer of security, which is really helpful seeing at how many issues this could pose.

This update will probably not benefit a lot of us, but it’s just something nice to know that roblox has integrated, the small details do matter!

Also don’t be afraid if roblox asks for your contacts, you’re not getting hacked it’s just part of the new update. SO no need for concern