Would it be possible to make a automated training for military groups?

Hello, I am Jonslau I would like to know if it is possible to make an automated military training for new recruits in my British army group which will launch soon if I can get the automated training ready I would like for it to be compatible with the Cookie Tech Ranking Bot which is where I am struggling to make it work as the ranking bot I have is the Cookie Tech Ranking Bot.

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It is possible to make automated military in Roblox, but it requires lots of AI scripting.

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I know it requires the AI It is the compatibility with the cookie tech ranking bot that is the issue

The compatibility with the cookie tech ranking bot will be easy, if you look at the scripts in serverscriptservice you can see how you can interact with the API, I can help you if you like.

The problem I am having is that I keep on failing to make it work I keep testing it wont work I have tried reworking everything I know it aint the bot as it has the same Security cookie as I would have when joining as I never logged onto the bot from a diffrent IP

Okay, if you continue have issues maybe consider #scripting-support.