17+ games are now coming

Okay, for the longest time now roblox has been wanting to reach out to an older community & now they’re doing that by making games which are rated for audiences of an older age.

The new age rating (17+) is going to be arriving to Roblox a lot sooner then what we originally anticipated. Strangely the game isn’t 18+, but 17+, not sure why they did that buy hey-ho.

I would believe that would be down to the reason that in America the age rating is very different to the UK.




Apparently a ton of people are very excited for this update, however I know many people on the forums wont be affected by this.

I believe it will be a situation where some already existing games will decide to move to 17+, but we’ll see. What would be cool is some type of localization so only players who are above 17+ can see 17+ rated parts of the game. And people who are under 13 only see only under 13 so people can still enjoy games.

What are your opinions on this and will you be making 17+ games in the future?

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