19/03/2022 | We're live!

Join us as we mess around in roblox studio & make some things.

Today, you choose what I do!

Can’t wait to see you there: Live Game Session | Messing around - YouTube

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Join the stream!

We need people to tell us what the stream should be about!

I suggest things like Club Iris, donation games, Tower of Hell.

Currently watching it! Maybe just playing random games?

Are you really though :eyes:??

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Feel free to respond with ideas on the main thread!

It’s a private server, lol.

Yes, I’m watching it rn.

I loved this game … it’s pretty neat!

Join our scribble game over!

Make sure your watching the stream to keep an eye on what’s happening! :eyes:

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We’re also now playing blooket!

Do what @Deleted_User12 said.

what did I say, I don’t remember lol.

club Iris? We could do that if @Noah wants to.