24kGoldn Concert - As good as the lil nas X event?

We all remember the lil nas x event!

The new (4) 24kGoldn Concert Experience - Roblox going live on the March 25th at 4 PM PST will apparently be as good as the lil nas x event.

I’m super excited for this, as I really liked the lil as x event!

It’s interesting how many collaborations roblox has recently got, this really assists the community in growing, I would love to hear your opinion on the event!

For now - Do you think you will visist?

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More motion tracking, pretty cool stuff:

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Alright, this was a really really good event!

For once, roblox took community suggestions & added more player interaction, it was almost like a “mini-story game”, I know the creators were time pressured, however it was quite short.

The gamification of the concert worked really well, the music was well done, motion tracking was on point, except face movements at time could be a bit broken.

I really enjoyed this, I would put this quite high on the scoreboards, I would probably mark it slightly higher then the lil nas x event, as there was more player interaction.

The maps were also very well done.

In addition to that, the servers didn’t lag once, I managed to play comfortably without having major issues.

There was a minor bug where my friend @green_redtop got glitched underneath a falling piano, luckily in 3 minutes he was teleported to the next scene.

Pretty well done for the short amount of time spent to develop the game.

I would personally recommend you try out the experience, keep in mind it will re-play every hour, until: 2022-03-27T22:00:00Z

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Well well. I got to enjoy the concert until mid-game when I got thrown to the bottom and then ascended to the concert again at the rate of .1 m//sec. The neon scenery was great and the experience smooth. Nice gameplay elements as well, I think it should be at least double the time. I think you could alternate between a more classic concert experience where they just perform a song, and more interactivity in between those.

Enjoyed it overall - I’d say as good as lil nas X.


This was a really good event. It was short, but good. I got to enjoy it without any major bugs however in the middle of the concert I was glitched with the walking animation even when I wasnt moving. Nice smooth experience overall though! Maybe it should be longer next time


In addition to that the relics were impossible to get if you glitches somewhere, making it a bit unfair for payers that got glitched.