A 2022 Christmas miracle?

2018 times? Roblox Julius Cole is a Christmas troll who primarily targets Albert to make people mad at him.

He was prime in 2018 and since then he has shrunk in popularity. He’s even considered one of the funniest trolls out there. So I suppose people watch his video for a laugh.

This is the latest video he’s uploaded and now this is completely different to0 what he normally uploads. This guy for the last 9 years has been “hating” as a joke on Roblox and been making fun for the longest time possible.

But he just made a video explaining that he has nothing against them.

Imagine having 9 years spent trolling and you just wrote an apology video for trolling after 9 years. This guy is also very nice in real life, so don’t send any hate.

Isn’t this crazy? It’s a Christmas miracle come true.

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Haha, this was awesome. I don’t believe he is actually sorry though. And I mean this in the sense that everyone KNEW he was a troll. Everyone saw him as that. I also think he might have just had enough with posting troll videos for over 7 years and decided to end it on a holiday.

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This is definitely strange, people probably got really mad at him for his comments.

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