A VIP Subscription which also expires and can be extended

Hello there!

I’m having something to add to our game. And that is the VIP Gamepass.


I want a VIP GamePass as a monthly subscription for our game. Like if they buy the game pass they would have one-month features VIP. And extends the time if they bought another game pass extension ( e.g. 1 month, 2 months, etc. )


The main error here is that I’m not familiar with using os.time that they said will set the timer of the game pass to 1 month or something like that.

If you know how to do this, please let me know about it below. All comments are welcomed and I’m listening to what you all are saying about it. Overall, have a nice day!


Hey, I think you meant to put this in to #scripting-support.

Do you know about the marketplace service?

Hmm! Do you have anything that can assist me?

No, do you actually know about it and how it works?

Kinda, but not sure since I’m new to scripting.

Ok, I would recommend taking a look at it, it will help you understand the conditions needed to execute this task.

How would you do this

This will be explaining a (potential) way you could do this.


You would need:

  1. DataStoreService
  2. MarketPlaceService

Now what?

Using PurchaseReciept, when it is purchased, detect the duration purchased, add a new value to datastoreservice for THE PLAYER that purchased it.

Oh, I get it now. Thanks c:

If that fixes your issue be sure to mark it as soloution!

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