Activity Competition November 2022 - Day 4

It’s day 4, we’re quite close in, not long until the closing date, (Saturday)!

I hope you’re having a fantastic day, without further ado, here are the results from this point onwards.

If you want to see a live updating version of this leaderboard, check here!

User Points Place
@RealOH20 288 1st
@Deleted_User12 140 2nd
@Aspect 135 3rd
@Deleted_User13 80 4th
@25swrld 76 5th
@Boo 61 6th
@Jessica 57 7th
@Max.Mobey 38 8th
@luke 26 9th
@HayMan 17 10th
@AviaSky 16 11th
@HayHay 15 12th
@peter 9 13th
@Janrey412 9 14th
@cypherpheonix 6 15th
@NeonNathan 4 16th
@Mr_SoulBreaker 4 17th
@Chrisrankingservices 2 18th
@Vamazoz 2 19th
@Alikhan 2 20th
@bunnydreams 2 21st
@MADPLAYZ 2 22nd
@Purple_Dev 2 23rd

Good luck from now, I understand it’s hard to post when being in school but great job everyone!

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