Activity Competition November - Final Day

It’s the final day and a lot of things can change!

Today is the final day that you can get points, keep in mind… It’s double points today!

Here are the points so far:

User Points Place
@OH20_rbLX 382 1st
@Deleted_User12 226 2nd
@Aspect 175 3rd
@Deleted_User13 139 4th
@Jessica 95 5th
@25swrld 86 6th
@Boo 66 7th
@peter 53 8th
@Max.Mobey 42 9th
@luke 36 10th
@HayHay 25 11th
@HayMan 17 12th
@AviaSky 16 13th
@cypherpheonix 10 14th
@Janrey412 9 15th
@cam 8 16th
@NeonNathan 6 17th
@DogeDev 6 18th
@Newton 4 19th
@Chrisrankingservices 4 20th

Good luck, may the best win!