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Hey everyone!

You may know from some time back, I started making an administration panel like no other, and I called it Admino.

As of today, I am releasing the first public beta version of it, and I would really appreciate some feedback (also thanks to @cam for providing me with UI feedback earlier on).

Currently, the system is non-functional and the main UI is in the works, but you can access all the assets and files as well as play around with them a bit. However keep in mind, if you find something interesting or cool when playing around with Admino, please share your suggestions feedback here!

Important Notices
  • Admino is licensed under the Apache Licensing 2.0, so you are not allowed to steal or use any of Admino’s content without consent from me, the creator. You could think of this as copyrighted content.
  • This is still a work-in-progress, so do not expect the system to function nor work as expected.
Module Link

Admino - Roblox

@RealOH20, creator of Admino

I see real potential in this!

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This is actually kind cool.

And I mean this.

You have made incredible progress across a couple of months.
If we look at your previous work compared to now, it’s truly outstanding what you have achieved.
I’m confident if you put the correct amount of effort and work into this, this could actually be a product that people would actually purchase, I really hope this turns out well for you!

Best of luck,


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