Admino | Important Notices - 6 / 2023

Greetings, everyone! :wave:

As some of you may be aware, Admino has not released due to the extreme difficulty of finding people willing to fill in for our positions. I’ve recieved a lot of questions regarding the full release and, to be fair, I’m uncertain myself … however, I will continue to strive working on this project as the last thing I want to see is a year go to waste. Let’s not let it happen! :wink:

I have decided that it is time to commit to some administrative changes within Admino as well as divert our focus to outreach for developers, investors and intrigued customers.

During the Summer Break of 2023, I will be committing to a round of administrative changes as well as the addition of numerous new teams within Admino, as well as hand-picked selection opportunities for higher positions.

Open Positions

  • Developer Outreach Team (0 / 4)

  • Investor Outreach Team (0 / 2)

  • Admino Staff Team (0 / 4)

Please note, we are not offering applications regarding the reforms of Admino’s administration team (admin, co-owner, etc). I will be hand-picking those who I find trustworthy, responsible and dedicated to fill in administrative positions, over the coming months. You can be apart of this proccess by sending me a short DM explaining why you would make a good fit for an administrative position here at Admino!

Other Notices

  • If you wish to apply for one of these positions, please check the official InfiniteX Studios ROBLOX group between 2023-06-20T04:00:00Z2023-06-30T04:00:00Z as I am still in the proccess of creating the application center via Cookie’s RankGun service. :cookie:

  • Admino cannot be released until it is fully scripted and functional, currently we only have made the entire UI and a few systems (such as login, sign-up & the loading screen). If we can get more scripters by the end of this month, June 2023, then there’s a good chance we can get Admino out there before 2023 ends!

  • Please do not attempt to copy Admino’s name, features or concepts. It’s personallly dissapointing. This has already occured once here on this site, and I do not want to see any more attempts for users to impersonate and falsify Admino’s release. Remember, only trust information from Admino’s administration team (which we will form in the coming months).


And so, with everything said above, I urge those of you who have been waiting for Admino for months keep an eye out and help us outreach to developers, customers and investors, so we can minimize the time needed to get Admino out there and become the future of Roblox game management! I’ll simply never give up on Admino despite the extreme difficulties. Whatever it takes, we’ll get there. :+1:

LAST UPDATED || 9:37 EDT (:canada:)

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