Admino | Looking For Co-Owner

Hey there!

As some of you might know, Admino is my Roblox administrative panel project I’ve been working on for the past year and a half. I’ve always been dedicating time into creating the UIs for this panel and it’s payed off really well.

However, I’ve soon come to realize that despite the completion of most of Admino’s features, I still needed to find someone who’s capable of advanced scripting. Sadly, I’ve still been unable to find a fit scripter due to complications on my end and other factors (such as Roblox requiring IDs to use the Talent Hub, which I don’t feel comfortable with).

As of August 2023, I’ve acknowledged that I can no longer do this alone and I need someone to help me with management and developer outreach … technically speaking, this is a co-owner role. This is crucial for me to accomplish if I’m to release Admino to the public.

As a co-owner, you’ll be responsible for simple management and developer outreach tasks. For as long as you decide to help with these small tasks, you will receive countless benefits — including free access to Admino’s highest tier and, of course, a percentage of stake in the Admino panel project (negotiable).

As for compensation, we are able to negotiate directly with you. Our base compensation rate is 1,000 Robux per month, which can be later increased over time if we see Admino becoming a source of stable income.

Please remember, we’re looking for a co-owner who has years of experience with management and finding advanced developers who charge good rates, along with other crucial skills like communication, responsibility, and organization.

If you wish to learn more or apply for this position, please let me know below or shoot me a DM. Thank you! :heart: