Ads on the forums - 3 week trial period?


Hello, cookie tech community,

It is in our best interest that everybody is up to date with what we’re doing with the community & we want you to be the main priority. As you may know, Cookie Tech runs out of our wallets. We would like to experiment with google AdSense running on our site for 3 weeks strictly.

What will happen?

Adverts will be displayed on parts of our site. We’ll make sure not to overdo it & we’ll also make sure that these ads aren’t bombarding in any shape or form.

If we go ahead with the test, these ads will be visible for around 3 weeks, then they’ll be removed and we’ll review what to do with them.

What’s the likely outcome?

The most likely outcome is that AdSense is not feasible and won’t gain us much in the long run. Our main issue is that emails cost money to send and it’s starting to become expensive with the number of users and activity we seem to receive every day.

It’s likely that after the 3-week trial period, you’ll never see an Ad on the site again. We may try different methods to get some money to help run the site. All money received will go back into the site, e.g. staff payments, activity competitions, emails, etc.

What’s your say?

As mentioned above, your feeling regarding this is our priority. As much as we want to experiment with this, you may not be as keen. I doubt anybody will be willing to go ahead with this, so this may be something that comes ago.

Should we trial adverts for a 3-week period?
  • Yes
  • No

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Your opinion is anonymous and your opinions matter. Please feel free to leave any comments down below.

Thanks for reading.

Your community team.


It’s with pride that I announce that Cookie Tech is hereby taking a step forward.

Thank you to all who have voted. We have added it for a trial period of three weeks.

Once again, thank you. Your support and opinion matters to us and we’re happy to be moving forward.

Best Regards
Cookie Tech Managment.


Ads are now removed, they’re too ugly…


If you still see ads let me know…