Advertisements | What’s your favorite way?

Hey, Cookie Tech community!

Recently I’ve been wondering: what is your favorite way to advertise?(roblox groups)

Personally, I think that Discord advertisements can be beneficial, they’re free & get across to lots of users.

@cam; moderator

Pretty good question!

I would consider advertising my Roblox groups on Discord server advertising sites, or perhaps the Roblox advertisement system. If I’m going for the cheap option, though, it’s best to advertise on Discord server finding sites.

Depends, sometimes asking friends to invites friends can lead to a chain reaction.

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Nice question,

Discord advertisements are a great way. But my favorite one would differ based on what I’m doing. If I were to be creating a cafe/hotel/airline group. Even though they may seem old and not worth it I would use Roblox banner advertisements as the amount of new users who click on them are relatively high. To advertise for a game I would probably send it through discord and ask some of my friends to circulate it within their groups. It all depends on what you’re doing.

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Also roblox advertisements aren’t too bad, just watch out what you submit for moderation.