Aloivia Dentist Handbook

Aloivia Dentist | Introduction

Welcome to Aloivia Dentist! :toothbrush::
Owned by alextvree, alqurv & 1uvxlystacyy

Aloivia Dentist is a dentist for all your needs! Our goal is to create a friendly environment for our community along with simulating a realistic roleplay experience and teaching the Roblox platform about the wonders of Roblox’s Dentists.

Roblox Group
[Main Game] Coming Soon

Staff Information

For you to become an official staff member, you need to join the main group and join the quiz center. You will be set in a quick interview where you have the option to skip and be given the Awaiting Trainings rank or answer a series of questions about your new position. Once you have successfully passed, you will need to attend a training session hosted by our management team.

When you become an official staff member, you are able to receive promotion ranks through points. Points are given when serving customers at the main restaurant on handing out their desired meal and drink.

Receptionist ➜ Pass a training session to become a Receptionist!

Dental Assistant ➜ Pass a training session to become a Dental Assistant!

Dental Hygiene Specialist ➜ Pass a training session to become a Dental Hygiene Specialist!

X-Ray Specialist ➜ Pass a training session to become a X-Ray Specialist!

Orthodontist ➜ Pass a training session to become an Orthodontist!

Oral Surgeon ➜ Pass a training session to become a Oral Surgeon!

Session Information

Friday - Sunday:

2:00 PM EST
5:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST
9:30 PM EST

Monday - Thursday

2:00 PM EST
6:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST

If you need more information, Here is our trello!

Alliance Information

Here would be the alliance information document!

Promotion Guide

If you are interested in joining our management team, there are tips and information for staff members to keep in mind. The HR Team are consistently looking for active and hardworking staff members that keep our game running and our community members safe.

  • Must be an Oral Surgeon.
  • Must not have safechat.
  • Account age must be above 60 days.
  • Must be verified in the community server.
  • Must display good activity at the dentist.
  • Must have a good reputable background.

We appreciate your time on getting to know Aloivia Dentist more. If you have any additional information, you are able to contact anyone in the HR Team. We hope you enjoy your time and experience in our establishment.

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