An issue with my group ranking bot

Hello so basically i have got it working using another hosting, but when i do the promote or demote thing it just says internal error. im not sure if the code still works on not but when i do the one where it shows how many members my group has it comes with the right answer so my thinking is that i did the url wrong

im confused by the wording

Basically i found a way to use the group rank bot but i do not know how to use the website/url when you type url/group/members/?groupid=“id”&key=“key” ect. for some reason the one where it shows how many members the group has works but not demote and promote or im just doing it wrong

I wouldn’t recommend using this as its an outdated tutorial try using Rankgun Instead.

Im trying to make a discord bot not a game

What language are you using to code the bot?

Im using api in botghost

Personally I wouldn’t recommend BotGhost and I’ve got no clue how they work at all so I cant help you on this.

Ik but that isnt the problem, the problem is the github code for rank bot, i dont know if im doing the url correct because it keeps on saying Internal Server Error even though the one where it shows how many members there are works

Its probably since the code is outdated I’d recommend possibly making a bot yourself using Python/JS.

Wait but then how would the url work to show how many members there are in the group? thats a lil weird

Dont use the URL anymore i’d recommend then and using Noblox.js or Rankguns Python API.

I see, I think that you should either

  • Use a pre-built bot like RankGun, or RoServices.

  • Try using a different method, like Python API.

Ok no, dont use botghost. I made a rank api for their bot in the past. If you are desperate for a bot, use QBOT. I plan on releasing my own bot soon.

Vibez is another good option.

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