Animated faces are coming to roblox!

A new post on the roblox blog was just made, going into the detail of animated faces.

This is a very interesting update, it’s going to be interesting how the community will react to this, facial recognition is very difficult.

We can see how the roblox person can be controlled by the person moving around.
Roblox uses the facial action coding system, to deform the 3d mesh.

This is how they can simulate the face, by following visual reference point on the face.

We all know players are very sceptical about “realism coming to roblox”, I’m almost certain that roblox will try to release this, this as to make a system like this it takes a lot of time, they wouldn’t “just make it”, if they weren’t going to try it out.

This is just a brief introduction to the topic, you can read more here.

I would love to hear your opinions on this,

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I’ve been following Roblox on this for a very long time now, it’s very cool to see that they’re bringing live facial recognition to Roblox!

I don’t think it would start of with live facial recognition, but I think it will begin with “face emotes”.

It will be interesting how the platform will react to this, I think they need to maybe make the faces a little less “strange”, before they add it to the platform, I’m sure 2d faces would be a good substitute, it might fit in a little more.

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