Apple Vision Pro - Gateway to a new era?

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I’m sure all of you have heard of Apple’s Vision Pro by now — an all-new spatial computing system that encompasses almost everything imaginable into a VR-like headset. This was announced last year in June (2023) and it was recently launched (in the U.S. only) on February 2nd, and since then we’ve seen a lot of reviews come out about this cool gadget.

Now, despite the epic capabilities showcased in reviews and the official launch trailers (last I checked, Apple was making a lot of 10-sec clips to keep everyone in the loop), this new gadget comes with an extremely heavy price tag, at around $3499 USD.

It’s quite insane but expensive at the same time. I’ve began to wonder, could this mean that we’re entering a new era of “spatial computing” as Apple calls it? Will most Apple fans eventually be able to afford these? And how will Apple continue to improve their new Vision Pro and manage to hold on to the throne without losing to its competitors, now that Apple has revealed their latest capabilities?

These are just some of the intriguing questions that I have regarding the Apple Vision Pro … so I’d really love to hear your opinions! For all I know, we might certainly be entering an era of complete “spatial computing” that has only been scratched at its surface for the time-being. Do share! :heart:


Apart from the fact it looks like Apple is now selling Scuba gear, I’ve heard a lot about the Vision Pro. :diving_mask:

First and foremost, what do people plan on using this for; sure you can watch movies, and make your Mac screen super big, but once the early adopters have finished up what will be the genuine use case for people?

Maybe specialised designers and engineers will use this to work in 3d environments but at the moment I can’t see people being prepared to replace their entire screen with a mask.

Although I may be completely wrong I am glad to see that Apple is leaping innovative and new ideas, I feel like a lot of new ideas and creations left after Steve Jobs went. :pensive:

Next of all, it’s a pricey piece of technology, the average consumer is not going to be able to afford this and right now it’s only limited to the wealthy.

I’ve heard lots of good things and bad things from a variety of different reviewers, my main source being YouTube videos but I’ve found that people who have used it mainly state that the experience is quite thought out, although typing may be a pain there is lots of room for improvement.

I also really like how Apple has implemented real life into the virtual world and maybe in the future we’ll see a less clunky version of this but then again it’s important to note that I would not like to wear something on my face when I see the future I don’t see people walking around with multiple devices on their body, I hope to see wearable technologies that don’t intrude your space and I want technology to implement with our natural surroundings and environment.

I’ve heard that there may also be an issue with the comfortability of the device and I would understand, but once again as a first-generation product, it should be given some leeway.

Right now I don’t know how to feel about the vision pro as somebody who has never experienced it but maybe this is what the future will look like.

Only time can tell… :clock12:


I would like to also add that apparently there is no accessibility features for people who don’t have index fingers.

Although there is mixed feedback from people who have defects with their fingers.

I would really like to go to an Apple Store and experience the demo firsthand .

Relating back to this according to mkbhd it’s not neck strain that’s causing the issue but pressure to the face.

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I completely agree … the Apple Vision Pro is a really cool product, one that undoubtedly has great potential to change the digitalized world as we know it.

I have a feeling Apple is doing this to try and start up some “revolution” within the technological world and shift focus from everyday computing to “spatial computing” and do what the digital world has always been trying to do — merge the real world with tech digitalization.

For sure! Typing on the Apple Vision Pro seems to be one of the larger issues at the moment for this product — alongside the compatibility of various apps and, to a lesser extent, the band around the head — hopefully Apple will fix this when prototyping their next headset!

I do believe that, eventually, this will become the future, but only after Apple straightens out all their minor kinks, not to mention affordability and accessibility. :moneybag:

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I mean if you’re mainly typing I would presume that you are using the feature where you can enlarge a mac screen.