Apple WWDC 2024 recapped

Apple WWDC 2024

Welcome back to Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference where Apple announces new products, software updates and much more! This topic will be made to announce updates surrounding the event 2024-06-10T17:00:00Z.


The intro features members of the Apple team skydiving from an aeroplane, Tim Cook mentions in the introduction the features of “Intelligence”, hinting at the introduction of AI at this year’s WWDC. Tim then goes on to overhype Apple TV.

OS Announcements

All the new OS changes: IpadOS, VisionOS, MacOS, etc…

Vision OS

“Blah Blah Blah” Announces the release of vision OS 2. Doesn’t seem to contain much interesting info for the average consumer.

Summary for those that care:


Finally! Something the people care for…This announces the release of IOS 18. It looks like they’re adding a feature for you to easily customise the iPhone. You can now arrange your apps to frame perfectly.

You can now tint app icons exactly to how you want:

You can now scroll to different control centre screens and developers now have the option to add their own controls to the control centre.

IOS 18 also gives you now more privacy features:

  • Now you can protect sensitive apps, by “locking an app”. When you choose to lock an app, if somebody tries to access a locked app they will have to authenticate it with face ID.

  • You can also hide an app, by hiding apps from your wallpaper, you can hide it and put it in a hidden apps folder that’s locked.

  • You can now change how you share contacts with an app. You can now control which people in your contacts an app can see.

  • Developers can add a new way to pair your accessories, that also keeps them private.

There is now a large change to messages and the IOS email client.

In IOS 18, they have improved “tapbacks”, tapbacks are how you react to messages:

How to Use Tapback in Messages on iPhone & iPad | OSXDaily

You can now tap back to any emoji or sticker.

You can now schedule messages to send later. You can also italicise and strikethrough.

Messages via satellite, are now available, if you have an iPhone 14+, you can connect to a satellite, send IMessages and they are end-to-end encrypted.

Now the mail app.

Fully redesigned and many new features to manage all of your emails.

In addition to this, the maps app is now redesigned with the ability to download maps.

You can now “tap to pay”, tapping your phones together to share money:

GameMode is coming to iPhone.

Finally, photos are getting another major update. IOS 18 brings the biggest redesign ever.

Photos app changes

The new photos app gives more organization features. The app now has a single view:

The filter button now allows you to search for specific images and it allows you to hide screenshots (Using AI).

Below the grid, there is a button to access the images you love the most, now renamed “collections”.

Ipad OS

Pretty much the same as IOS but just a couple of improvements specific to the iPad. Looks like they are also adding an Apple team viewer.


It looks like there is also now an “intelligent” maths notes feature which allows you to calculate maths using AI and notes.

There is now a feature called “smart script” on the iPad, that makes your handwriting (written with the Apple pen) more legible, you can also paste text into your handwriting (and it will look the same in your handwriting) and there is grammar correction to your text.


With iPhone Mirroring you can control your iPhone from your Mac remotely. Does this pose a security risk? They didn’t show a way for you to lock it.

You even get notifications from your phone on your Mac.

It looks like there is the ability to easily transfer files between macOS and iPhones.

Looks like you can now finally automatically snap your windows on Mac.

Now you have a nice background support for your video calling and a presenter mode which allows you to preview what you’re going to share before you share.

Safari now boasts its privacy features, efficiency and battery saving.

It looks like there is a new highlights feature which highlights all the important things on the page (a little bit like Arc’s summary feature).

Apple is currently trying to display how good their gaming is, we’ll not be writing about this…


Now with AirPods, you can nod or shake your head to communicate with Siri. It seems that they have also improved voice isolation, which will use AI to remove all background noises.

Apple TV

Chose to leave this category out, somebody can fill this if they want to.

Apple Watch

In the new Watch OS, you can view more insights on your workouts. Watch OS has a new insights app that allows you to view your previous metrics and info on your sleep, breathing rate, heart rate and more.

Apple Intelligence

Tim Cook is currently trying to hype up a “secret” project, he mentions that this tool has to be:

  • Powerful
  • Intuitive
  • Privacy

There is a graphic, which shows Siri colours taking over the iPhone. They now announce “Apple intelligence”. MacOS, iPadOS and IOS will be able to use Apple intelligence. Let’s take a look at what it can do:

Apple intelligence will be able to create languages, images and actions and to create a personal context for you. For example, your iPhone can prioritise notifications bespoke to you.

It looks like there are now writing tools that you can access system-wide, for example, proofread and rewrite.

They are available automatically over all apps and third-party apps.

Apple intelligence now hosts a ton of new features for images, you can now create new images bespoke to your conversation. This sucks…

This is built throughout the system.

Apple intelligence is also claimed to be able to “take action”. It looks like this intelligence system, can “open files”, and “play the podcast that my wife sent the other day”.

It also uses your context. Apple stresses that they are going to prioritise privacy. They mention that the AI will be stored locally on your hardware and that the AI will run locally, cool! :sunglasses:

Most of the models will run locally, however, apple mentions the risks that using AI models proposes. Apple stated they wanted to extend privacy into the cloud so they created something called “Private cloud compute”.

This allows for scale and larger models to be run on the server, these will be run on servers where data is “never stored” and “used only for your servers” and even the public may be able to review the code.

Now they want to talk about how this will change your experiences on Mac. They are talking about Siri and how they plan to improve Siri. Siri will now be more natural, relevant and personal.

Siri has now got a new design, when you talk to Siri it’s now more integrated into your device. Siri also now seems to be more understandable and simple to use.

Now with a double tap, you can type to Siri.

Siri now has an improved knowledge base for your device.

Finally, Siri will be able to see your files, emails, messages, tickets, calendar events and much more.

Release Dates

MacOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS will be available this autumn/fall.


It looks like most of the predictions were true and this was a fairly interesting WWDC.

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I think it’s very interesting, and a little monopolistic, that you need an iPhone 15 pro to utilize said AI features. I own an iPhone 15 plus, which is very similar (less on the specs side) phone. Not to mention, the pro models are quite hefty in price. I understand the specs and compatibility, but the iPhone 14 pro is pretty much the same as the 15, so why is it not available on that model?

All in all, very excited for these new updates, and to finally order a vision pro as they’re available here now. Thanks for making this thread!

I agree, it’s exciting to see that Vision Pro is shipping to a bunch of countries instead of being restricted to the U.S. (though I’d have to save up if I want a Vision Pro, lol).

Great post @Noah :cookie: