Application Center Bot

I followed all of the instructions in the video but still couldn’t figure out why my bot won’t promote, it’s just sitting on the ‘Currently Promoting!’ screen. And I did use the rank bot and promote/demote commands and those work perfectly fine but the quiz center bot won’t work for me.

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Are you sure you’ve configured the centre correctly?

Can you send me your config file?

which file? from which website

From your studio, where you set it up.

Can you send me heroku logs?

which part in the huroku website

(These are silly questions, you can do research to find out yourself)

Can you have that page open, run a test, then take a screenshot?

Is group ID correct?

Good job blurring out the api key btw. (You forgot to blur the API key above, so change your API KEY).

yes the group id is correct

Does the group rank ID exist?

yes the id does exist

Send me a picture of the rank.

Alright, hold on, let me think.

Where has the picture of the error gone?