Application Center like Pastriez

Hello! How would I make an application center like this?

Create a camera tween scene and then create a NPC and some UI, then link it up to ranking system.

I’m confused. Explain this to a beginner.

Do you know about custom camera scenes?

i know cutscenes with plugins

  1. Create a new camera object in the game and give it a unique name. This will be the camera that follows the player as they move through the game.

  2. To create a camera tween scene, you’ll need to use a script. In the script, you’ll need to define a series of positions for the camera to move to. You can use the “TweenService” to move the camera smoothly between these positions.

  3. Next, create a new NPC (non-player character) in the game. This could be a character that gives players a quest or provides them with information.

  4. To create UI elements, you can use the “ScreenGui” object in Roblox Studio. You can add elements like text, images, and buttons to the screen to provide players with information or interactivity.

  5. Finally, to link the camera tween scene, NPC, and UI elements to a ranking system, you’ll need to use scripts. You can use the “Player” object to track player progress and give them rewards or bonuses based on their rank.

It’s not detailed, but it’s more explained.

Thanks. I’ll attempt to do something with this.

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