Application Center not promoting!

Hello, I created the application center shown on the two part video series on YouTube. Everything works except it promoting me. Can someone help? Thanks!

Did you set the cookie correctly? And add your Api key in game?

Yes, I did. I have re-done it 3 times.

Like I said, everything works except the ranking.

One quick thing, who is taking the application, you or a Alt.

I tried it myself on an alternative acount.

Do you still want the logs?

The ranking bot is above the alt account rank correct?

Yes, I set it to be above.

Ok send logs please.

Alright, will do! Thanks!

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-----> Building on the Heroku-20 stack
-----> Using buildpack: heroku/python
-----> Python app detected
-----> No Python version was specified. Using the same version as the last build: python-3.10.5
To use a different version, see: Specifying a Python Runtime | Heroku Dev Center
-----> No change in requirements detected, installing from cache
-----> Using cached install of python-3.10.5
-----> Installing pip 22.1.2, setuptools 60.10.0 and wheel 0.37.1
-----> Installing SQLite3
-----> Installing requirements with pip
-----> Discovering process types
Procfile declares types → web
-----> Compressing…
Done: 40.8M
-----> Launching…
Released v4 deployed to Heroku
This app is using the Heroku-20 stack, however a newer stack is available.
To upgrade to Heroku-22, see:
Upgrading to the Latest Stack | Heroku Dev Center

Just to clarify, are those the logs?

no that’s build logs. We need heroku logs, try :mag: on how to get it.

Okay, will get them rn.

Can’t seen to find the answer on how to find them.

I think this Logging | Heroku Dev Center

But @Noah is way better with logs then me but I do think that is how you get it.

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