Application Center Ranking Does Not Work

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What do I do? I followed the youtube tutorial.

Heroku logs please, thanks.

How do I find the logs?

Run the game, while keeping that page open, then show me the Logs.

I’m running studio with the page open now.

It stays the same.

Alright, tell me when you get the fail “HTTP 500 Internal Server Error”, then check logs. and send me a picture.

Or send a file using code Tags.

Your on the build log, not the logs.

I’m sorry, but how do I find the normal logs?

Before asking, remember to research.

Image from Gyazo

Then let’s try get the logs again.

Send me the entire thing, please change your API key after this too.

Alright, so first of all.

Your roblox cookie.

How did you get your cookie, explain it to me please…

Its kinda the same thing that happened to me. I got internal server error too,

I copied it from “.ROBLOSECURITY” when you press application after you pressed inspect. I’m really sorry that I did not respond yesterday, I couldn’t reply because it said I was new.