Application Centre - Bad Request 400

After passing the application it says “now promoting” then says HTTPS 500 Error.
I have searched for this topic and found one the same. However, it was closed.
I fixed my cookie and it did not work.

You’re 100% certain you’ve fixed your cookie?

Are you also sure you’ve properly looked at other topics with the same issue?

Yes, I am certain I fixed the cookie.

What continent are you in? (If you don’t mind me asking)

Your heroku instance should be in the same continent as the continent that the cookie was generated in.

North America. I don’t mind.

Can we see your heroku logs?


This is what you wanted to see, correct?
Fixed it. ^^^

No, these aren’t heroku logs.

How did you know your cookie was broken if you couldn’t see the heroku logs?

I would reccommend :mag: for “Heroku logs” as many people ask how to get heroku logs.

I fixed my cookie because, in the other post about HTTPS 500 error, which is closed now, said something about needing to fix the cookie.

Alright, you still need to get your heroku logs.

I fixed the photo. It’s edited now. ^^^

You have a code 400, it means your cookie is correct, but the role you’re trying to rank to is invalid or does not exist.

How should I correct it?

You must set it to a rank that exists in the group.

Alright. It is. This is the line of code that is having issues.

Does the passedrank exist


Does the bot have ranking perms?

Yes, it does have ranking permission.